your skin is different

The differences between men and women go skin-deep—literally.

Did you know your skin is 30-40% thicker than a woman's*? Plus, it has more oil-producing glands and larger pores. Add shaving to the mix, and it all adds up to one very important fact: to look its best, your skin requires care that's specially formulated for its unique needs.

We understand men's skin. That's why every LAB SERIES product delivers the quick absorption and lightweight formulation your skin demands, and targets your concerns with powerful custom-fit solutions. The outcome is high-tech, high-performance men's skincare that gets real results. Try it and see for yourself.

Expert Tips/Advice

The essential first step. Washing away grime helps clear pores and avoid breakouts and bumps that can mean shaving disaster. A formulation designed for your thicker, porous skin is key.

LAB Tip: Rinse with warm water, then shave before you pat dry to help prep and soften your beard.

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Multi-Action Face Wash



Daily Renewing Cleanser



Power Wash


Expert Tips/Advice

Shaving disrupts your skin's protective moisture barrier. Do it right or pay the price. Our multi-benefit formulations prep, soothe, and help prevent post-shave irritation while improving skin's look and feel.

LAB Tip: Follow hair growth when shaving. Otherwise you risk ingrown hairs and irritation.

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Shave Smart Stay Cool Set



Cooling Shave Cream



Cooling Shave Cream Tube


Expert Tips/Advice

This step gets skipped the most, but also does the most—keeps skin in balance, smooths, refreshes and decreases the appearance of pores. Plus, primes skin for additional moisture and helps calm post-shaving.

LAB Tip: Toning is extra-important for men to help revive skin after shaving or as needed. Include it in your routine before serum or moisturizer.

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Rescue Water Lotion



Skin Recharging Water Lotion


Expert Tips/Advice

Serious skincare gets serious results. MAX LS, with the Molecular Age-Less Complex, helps refine, repair, and renew the look of skin with powerful anti-aging technology that's backed by science.

LAB Tip: Why a serum? Highly concentrated, serums penetrate into skin for intense improvement to skin's appearance.

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Rescue Squad Set



Max LS
Power V Lifting Serum



Future RESCUE Repair Serum


Expert Tips/Advice

All skin types need the help of hydration to look its healthy best, minimize the appearance of lines, visibly improve texture. Men's skin requires moisture that's both lightweight and high-performance.

LAB Tip: Don't skip hydration if you feel oily—stressed skin gets even oilier to make up for missing moisture.

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MAX LS Matte Renewal Lotion



Power V Lifting Lotion



Daily Moisture Defense Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 15


Expert Tips/Advice

Sun protection is your skin's best defense against harmful, aging UVA/UVB rays. Add powerful high-performance benefits to your SPF and you'll bring out skin's best while keeping it safe.

LAB Tip: Men's thicker skin actually holds onto sun damage longer. Save face—use SPF every single day, rain or shine.

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Daily Moisture Defense Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 15


Expert Tips/Advice

Every skin has its issues. Our powerful problem-solving formulas deliver high-tech, targeted treatment custom-fit to your concerns.

LAB Tip: Use the recommended amount of product—piling it on won't fix things faster, and could lead to clogged pores.

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Detox Clay Mask



Power Pore Anti-Shine & Pore Treatment