LAB SERIES Skincare for Men has long understood that men require products formulated specifically for them. For decades, men have come to rely on LAB SERIES for formulas powered by technology, backed by scientific research, and reinforced by years of success in addressing men's skincare and grooming needs. Knowing how men want to approach and use skincare is just as important as what their skin needs, even from one region of the globe to another.

Understanding men's skin physiology and knowing their unique skincare concerns has led us to create our CLEAN-SHAVE-TREAT System for simple results-oriented skincare. In addition, our BODY line and PRO LS ALL-IN-ONE FACE TREATMENT, with advanced formulations, fit any lifestyle. Our high-tech approach allows men to take a high-performance approach to life.

We offer simple educational tools to help men understand exactly how to address their skincare needs, and provide the knowledge and the assurance to solve any problems that arise - from acne to aging. Best of all, LAB SERIES easily fits into any active lifestyle, allowing men to work hard, play harder and look better.

LAB SERIES Skincare for Men continues to introduce innovative new products that reinforce our leadership position in high-tech, high-performance skincare for men; including the latest in anti-aging, brightening, shaving, moisturizers and sun-protection.

Start by taking a look at a few of our unique top selling products below.

    You never polish a dirty car, you wash it first. The same goes for your face. Washing twice a day is the first step to healthier looking skin.
    Multi-Action Face Wash
    Multi-action foaming cream cleanses, exfoliates and conditions the skin.
    75  (reviews)

    3.4oz $21.00

    Get into the habit of applying a moisturizer every day. It might seem strange at first, but in a few days you'll wonder how you ever went without it.
    Water Lotion
    Clear lightweight liquid gently exfoliates surface layer dead cells, prepping skin for maximum hydration.
    7  (reviews)

    6.7oz $33.00