Pietro Boselli defies expectations.

Those who meet the model are usually shocked to hear he's got a PhD in Mechanical Engineering. Case in point: students in his Mathematics lecture at University College London discovered his Instagram account, their brains exploded, and both of his careers have rocketed upward. One thing's certain settling is not in Pietro's vocabulary. It's something else that he and LAB SERIES have in common.

We believe that life is a lab. And, ultimately, success belongs to the guys who do things differently. Find their paths. Create their future. So when it comes to repping for LAB SERIES, Pietro Boselli is a perfect fit.

With both a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and a successful career as a model under his belt, Pietro is well-versed in defying expectations. A native of Brescia, Italy, he followed his academic passions to University College London where, as a Math professor, he divided his time between the classroom and photo shoots much to his students' delight. Once his pupils discovered his Instagram account, Pietro became an online sensation, pretty much overnight.

Today, he makes no delineation between his intellectual and creative pursuits. He embraces his uniquely multifaceted path, saving up modeling money towards the goal of establishing his own engineering company. And in true LAB SERIES fashion, he's here to inspire his fellow man to blaze trails of their own.